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TMS Wellness+

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Say hello to our new and improved service that makes your students’ personal health easier!
Our next-generation Integrated School Management Solution along with Mobile application used by over 150,000 users worldwide will now also be focussing on ensuring the safety of the students whilst entering, leaving & at school, keeping them more connected to Health Care facilities nearby and always a touch away from a panel of specialized Doctors.  Connect with our trusted & experienced Home Doctors online from the comfort of your homes that prioritizes your child’s health and well-being. The facility provides a platform for our team of passionate doctors & other health care providers/facilities to provide you with easily accessible solutions & options right to the fingertips of the parents/students.

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White Labelled App for School

Get your very own school app (iOS and Android) which allows for
common Notifications
(General Circulars, Notice Boards, etc) from school to all students /parents.

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RFiD Based Temperature Monitoring & Attendance Management Solution

With the Rfid integrated ID solutions, all Entry and Exit into any facility will be fully monitored and managed within the application with real-time Mobile Notification to Parents / School Authorities

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This quick and convenient solution provides students/patients with medical care from home doctors online who offer guidance and treatment for several common conditions like cold, flu, allergies, rashes, headaches, and more.


Clinic Connect

Teachers/Parents/Doctors can keep a tab on their vaccination status, temperature reading, and any other medical history if consulted before to keep track on the student’s health records and well-being. This would also have analytical capabilities integrated to provide key insights to school/parents

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Bot Doctor

AI consultation based on your personal medical history with lightning-fast clinical answers ensuring you are cared for during your time of need.

Loyalty Points

Patients (Students/Parents) can accumulate points & earn rewards/benefits for every consultation that can be redeemed for the next appointment.

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Medical Seminars

: Enjoy interactive webinars presented and featured by experts from medical companies or organizations to dive into a variety of health topics giving students/parents the ability to participate from anywhere, anytime.



Avail Special Discounts

With the era of rising medical costs, TMS Health covers medical expenses providing consultation coverage
for the entire family, up to 25% discounts for Lab Tests for students, 20% discounts for Parents of registered students, 30% discount for consultations with
Free follow-ups within 2 weeks!


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Medical Kits

We have your bases covered with free masks and sanitizers to ensure that you get the best care right from the start.


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