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Development of Mobile applications to manage and optimize logistics operations.
The application helps in monitoring
and managing real-time activities.


We offer cloud-based products for logistics operations to implement cloud architecture for logistics.

Artificial INtelligence

Machine learning offers optimization of business activities and better analysis of operations. Automation of data-driven decision making enable easier management of data.

fleet management

Our motive is to reduce the costs of fuel and maximize the delivery rates to find the shortest routes and identify hubs to make the distribution process quicker and more efficient.


 Streamlining the operations of a business's supply-side to enhance and increase consumer value. We help clients with proactive and dynamic strategies for supply chain management solutions.



Trackz solutions and technologies offer Logistics Software Solutions to manage, organize and track all logistics activities. Using the right kind of technology and software solutions, logistics management
will be plain sailing.

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At Trackz Solutions and Technology, we put forward, carefully planned strategies and knowledge-based guided technological solutions that can help overcome hurdles and also provide businesses with measures to grow. With Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, oil and gas operations and routine transactions are made easy.

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Learning Management Systems are being excessively used by various educational institutions all over the world. This highlights the augmentation of online learning and online education management solutions. From mobile app development to providing detailed analysis, we offer a one step solution for EdTech.